The American National Bank of Spartanburg, South Carolina

The American National Bank of Spartanburg 



Charter Number:



March 1903


August 1931

       The American National Bank of Spartanburg was the third national bank of four to open in Spartanburg County.  It was located at 108 West Main Street.  Its geographic position was literally a stones throw from the other established national banks.  This close proximity did not hurt anyone's business though.  All three banks made it to the depression.  The Southern Trust Company was always closely associated with the American National Bank.  It would appear that is was perhaps the holding company of the bank.  The picture above shows where the two were in the same building.  The building that housed the American National Bank over its twenty-eight year life has since been torn down.
        Like all four Spartanburg national banks, The American National Bank issued lots of currency, just under two million dollars worth.  Most national bank notes issued by The American National Bank of Spartanburg can be purchased for a few hundred dollars.  This rule does not hold true when it comes to 1902 red seals.  There are only two 1902 red seal bank notes issued by The American National Bank known to exist.  

    If you believe you have any currency issued by The American National Bank of Spartanburg, please contact me.

First President:

JH Sloan

First Cashier:

TB Stackhouse

James Haddon Sloan

5/22/1855 – Pacolet, SC
7/10/1906 – Spartanburg, SC

        James Haddon Sloan was the first president of The American National Bank of Spartanburg.  JH Sloan began his business career at the age of 19 when he came to Spartanburg to work for JA Lee’s Dry Goods Store.  In 1879 he entered the cotton business with SF Parrott.  In 1883 he established JH Sloan & Co which was another dry goods store.  From 1885 until his passing he was associated with numerous cotton buying firms, including George H McFadden & Co of Philadelphia.  In addition to The American National Bank, he organized The Merchants and Farmers Bank in 1888 and he became that institution’s first vice-president.  
        He also founded The Southern Trust Co in 1904.  He married for the first time in 1903 but no children were born before his death.

Thomas Bascom Stackhouse

11/23/1857 – Dillon, SC
12/09/1939 – Columbia, SC

        Thomas Bascom Stackhouse was an organizer and the first cashier of The American National Bank of Spartanburg.  Stackhouse was a graduate of Wofford College in 1880.  With exception of his time at Wofford, TB Stackhouse had lived the entirety of his life in Dillon County.  While in Dillon he was a merchant, cotton mill president, and founder of The Bank of Dillon where he held the title cashier until he moved to Spartanburg to open The American National Bank in 1903.  In 1905 he moved to Columbia to take the position as the vice-president of The National Loan & Exchange Bank.  He would live the rest of his life in Columbia while holding various director positions and undertaking philanthropic interests with The Epworth Orphanage.  
        As a side note Thomas Bascom Stackhouse holds distinction as likely being the oldest banker to marry.  He married his second wife in 1932 at age 74.

Other People Associated with the Bank: HA Ligon, CE Epton, Joseph Norwood