South Carolina National Banks Operating with Original Charter Number

Out of the original 97 currency issuing national banks in South Carolina only four banks are still operating with their original charter number.  Over the years many of the banks have been taken over by large multistate holding companies, some have failed, and others have simply liquidated.  The four that remain are:

Charter 10536The Conway National Bank
This Horry County institution is the only bank of the four that operates under the same title as when it received its national charter in 1914.  Since 1914 the bank has bought out several other smaller local operations to have a total of 14 branches.

Charter 10660The National Bank of South Carolina
The original title of this bank was The National Bank of South Carolina of Sumter.  Of course, in an effort to expand, the name Sumter in the title was dropped.  The bank now has many locations in twenty-nine different South Carolina towns.

Charter 10680First National Bank of South Carolina
This bank was originally called The First National Bank of Holly Hill.  The current title is somewhat misleading as it was hardly the first national bank in South Carolina.  Like the other banks on the list it was one of a handful to survive the great depression and it now has eight offices. 

Charter 13918South Carolina Bank & Trust
Chartered in 1933 under the title The First National Bank in Orangeburg, this institution was one of the last in the state to get its charter during the national period.  From its opening in the great depression it has grown to have branches in thirty-four different towns in South Carolina.