The First National Bank of Yorkville, South Carolina

The First National Bank of Yorkville



Charter Number:


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August 1903


January 1920

    Charter 6931 holds a singular claim that no other bank in South Carolina can tout.  It was the only bank to issue notes from the same charter number for two different town names.  In May of 1915 the town of Yorkville took a vote and decided to change its name to York.  The First National Bank of Yorkville was not quick to adopt this new town name.  It wasn’t until September of 1917 that the bank elected to change its name to The First National Bank of York.  This name change makes it a more desirable bank just because of that peculiarity.  In addition to the name distinction, I believe The First National Bank of York was also the only bank run by a brother-in-law duo.
    The First National Bank of Yorkville opened in 1903 with a comically small asset size of $35,900.  Fortunately that number was up to around $124,000 a year later.  By the time the bank chose to close its doors in 1920 it had just under $700,000 in assets.  Today if driving down highway five towards Rock Hill you will pass directly by the old bank building.  It stands at the intersection of Liberty and Congress Streets.  Above the entryway the building even has “First National Bank” still carved in stone.
    Under the title Yorkville, the bank issued 1902 red seal blue seal notes.  By the time it became The First National Bank of York it would appear that circulating currency was not a priority.  In the final 27 months of the bank’s life it issued just 154 sheets of currency.  The 33 months before that is issued only 82 sheets.  Before 1915 the bank saw a robust average of 475 sheets of currency issued each year.  Today notes from Yorkville/York are quite rare and valuable.

    If you have some currency from Yorkville or York, please tell me about it.  Whether it is for sale or not, I still always like hearing about notes.

First President:

OE Wilkins

First Cashier:

RC Allein

Oliver Edward Wilkins

11/??/1862 - Union Co, MS
10/12/1922 - Charlotte, NC

Robert Cox Allein

09/01/1859 - Vicksburg, MS
10/03/1919 - York, SC

Other People Associated with the Bank: WI Witherspoon

The picture below is courtesy of the Yorkville Culture and Heritage Museums.  The two women to the right of the image are walking directly towards the bank, and are about 20 feet from its entrance.