Top 10 Rarest South Carolina National Banknote Issuers
Top 10 Rarest South Carolina National Banknote Issuers

There are so many factors that make a certain national banknote more valuable than another.  Location, popularity, type, and number known are the driving factors.  The list below is simply a list of the banks that issued the fewest number of notes.  It is certainly not a most valuable list or a most popular list.  It is a cut and dry numbering of which banks had the fewest number of notes enter circulation.
(A total of 97 banks issued currency in South Carolina.)


The National Bank of Sumter


This bank issued a paltry 310 sheets over its less than four year existence.  It failed in late 1887.  Its short existence was certainly the contributing factor helping it reach the number one spot.


The First National Bank of Whitmire


The Whitmire bank is another member of the less than five year national charter club.  It never had more than 500 notes circulating at any one time.


The First National Bank of Woodruff


This bank is one of a handful of banks on this list that were at least moderately successful in terms of longevity, but who chose not to circulate banknotes after a year or two of issues.


The First National Bank of Orangeburg


This bank only issued 600 sheets in the fifteen or so months it kept its national charter.  It is unquestionably the most valuable bank from Orangeburg County.


The Enterprise National Bank of Laurens


This bank and the one below are almost mirror images of each other.  They both got their charter in 1914 and issued a handful of datebacks before choosing to no longer issue notes.


The Laurens National Bank


The number six spot belongs to another Laurens County institution.  Everything from the city of Laurens is rare and at 949 sheets issued, it would be tough to find a note from this bank.


The Citizens National Bank of Batesburg


This bank pumped out 5,444 notes over 19 months before its intertown rival took it over in 1917.  Don’t expect to be able to find a note from this short-lived instituion anytime soon.


The Peoples National Bank of Prosperity


Like Whitmire, Prosperity never had more than 500 notes in circulation at any one time.  Despite the bank’s twenty-two year issuing period, they managed to just have 1,808 sheets hit the streets.


The National Bank of Laurens


The city of Laurens had four national banks, one of which chose not to issue currency.  The three that did issue notes all made the top ten list here.  It is safe to assume that of any city in the country that had at least four national banks, Laurens has to be near the top of the list for fewest average number of sheets issued at 932.


The Saint Matthews National Bank


This was the only national bank in Calhoun County.  It is another example of a bank that issued a miniscule amount of sheets and then gave up the privilege.