South Carolina Nationals - An Introduction

Introduction:  The state of South Carolina seems to be well known for its combination of beaches, mountains, and lakes along with its long history.  When it comes to the history of South Carolina things like Revolutionary battles and state's rights come to mind.  However, there is another part to South Carolina that many people do not always remember.  South Carolina has a proud history of banking.  In fact South Carolina was one of the first states to adopt branch banking, something we are all accustumed to today.  The state was also one of the few to have banks survive the Civil War.  Even today, if a list of the ten most important people in finance in last twenty years was made, it would likely include two South Carolineans, Hugh McColl of Bank of America, and Ben Bernanke, the chairman of The Federal Reserve.

However, before South Carolina produced household name bankers it was home to community leaders running small local one bank operations all across the state.  Hopefully through this website those men and their banks will gain a little more notoriety.

Project:  I am looking to gather as much information as possible about the old South Carolina National banks.  However, I am specifically looking to find and catalog a few things in particular:
        -a basic history of the bank
        -a picture of each bank as it looked when it operated
        -the street address of each bank
        -progession of bank ownership (if the bank was around today, what would its title be)
        -examples of currency the bank issued
        -biographical information on the first president and cashier of each bank
                -birth and death dates
                -interesting facts
                -connections to other banks
Most of this is accomplished by two means, library research and interviews with descendants of national bankers.  You can find a list here of people who have been especially helpful in providing me with vital facts and information that would otherwise have been virtually impossible to find.

If you have stumbled across this website and you think you can help with anything please contact me.

For a list of all of the national banks in South Carolina that issued currency, go here.